joannaknits (joannaknits) wrote in dailyvegan,

ANFC: Enchilada Casserole

I've made the casserole once before and my boyfriend and I really loved it, so I decided to reprise it this weekend since I had all the ingredients already.

Instead of using the filling that is in the cookbook, I used a salsa verde filling that I'm testing for Isa Chandra Moskowitz's next cookbook. The finished result was delicious, 6 servings, and since the filling was the only fat in the recipe, it was maybe 2-3 grams per huge serving? Very filling.

A few notes about Bryanna's recipes:

+ She recommends reduced-fat tofu, both silken and regular, which I don't use mostly because it's nearly impossible to find here. I may just get 5 or 6 blocks of the lite Mori-Nu in the asceptic packaging the next time that I see it, but I have never seen reduced-fat firm tofu in Portland. Anyway, this means that my recipes that include tofu have more fat than hers.

+ She uses garlic granules in lot of her recipes, which I thought was the same thing as garlic powder, and it's not. There is a notable texture difference. I don't know how much of a taste difference there is, but I thought I'd clarify that point to anyone who was curious.

On the slate today are the Devilled Tofu Salad and Corn Chowder!
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