joannaknits (joannaknits) wrote in dailyvegan,

ANFC: Tofu Mayonnaise

I lied yesterday and said you'd have to wait until Monday for a post on my (Almost) No Fat Cookbook recipes: I have already made the Tofu Mayonnaise.

We ran out of Vegenaise in my house on Tuesday and I made the mayonnaise as a replacement and I kind of feel like I'm in one of those Folger's commercials from the 80s where they swap out the caf for the decaf Folger's and see if anyone notices. I'm all whispers, on the sidelines, saying, "Let's see what happens when my boyfriend realizes once and for all that I'm not going to buy more grapeseed Vegenaise this month and he'll have to eat a tofu spread out of tupperware."

So far, I have only used it in the Spicy Tempeh filling for my veggie sushi (delicious!) and not yet in sandwiches, where it will really be put to task.
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