joannaknits (joannaknits) wrote in dailyvegan,

The (Almost) No Fat Cookbook

It's been a while since I've posted in here but I just wanted to say that my goal for June is to make (almost) every recipe (and many of the variations) in Bryanna Clark Grogan's incredible vegan cookbook The (Almost) No Fat Cookbook. A few don't appeal to me so I won't be making those (Shepherd's Pie, ick), and I don't have a working digital camera right now, so there won't be any pictures, but I'll be giving reviews of the recipes as I go along.

If you're not familiar with this cookbook, I can't recommend it enough for the vegan who has limited time & money but wants to cook their own healthy meals rather than rely on store brands. All the recipes are simple and rely heavily on kitchen staples that most vegans have around all the time.

My first post will probably be next Monday after I've spent this weekend cooking!
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