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Transitioning into low-fat non processed foods

So today I made the Beet, Barley, and Black Soybean soup from Vegan with a Vengeance.

Let me be the first to confess to you that beets still intimidate me. For one, I am one of the sad individuals whose only experience with beets (before 2002) was of the canned variety. My dad loves that shit. Every kid in our family reached an age where we just flat out refused to eat another single canned beet. I lumped beets in with Foods I Don't Eat.

Then one day in massage school, we were all standing around the breakroom discussing recipes, and my massage instructor told us that she was passionately in love with beets. That she had gone on the internet and googled beet recipes and printed out over 100 pages and made every recipe. And I thought, "I owe it to beets to give them another shot." And I did and discovered that fresh beets have very little to do with their canned counterparts and are an exciting and versatile vegetable.

Plus they make your poop bright red.

I had never, however, made a beet soup, so this was my first. I replaced the black soybeans with regular ol' black beans and I sauteed the onions in 1/4 cup water + 1 t olive instead of 2 T olive oil to reduce the fat. I also had to cook it a little longer than the recipe called for since I was using soaked beans instead of canned beans and they needed a longer cooking time to become tender.

I derived distinct pleasure from digging into a big bowl of blood red soup. It feels otherworldly, like what future humans will eat. I also really dig that all the salt content in this recipe comes from tamari and not from straight salt. I am a salt fiend and frequently salt my food even after I salted it while cooking, so it was nice to leave that out.

Try out this weirdo soup, possibly as a way to convert your beet-phobic friends and family.
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