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I submitted my Texas Three Bean Chili to the vegan cookoff this week.

I am excited to have shared this recipe, even if I don't win, because I love chili so much and there are so many shitty, shitty vegetarian chili recipes online. I mean, really. It breaks my little Texas heart that when you google vegetarian chili, 90% of the recipes use canned beans, canned vegetables, and chili powder. It's not that much harder AT ALL to do it the right way and the flavors are so much richer when you do.

Anyway, the only downside to two people who live together eating chili once a day is: I wish I'd thought to buy some Beano before I made this recipe! Matt and I are so gassy. And then we complain about how gassy the other one is. And then we eat another bowl of chili.
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